New grant helps connect moms of children with cancer

Children’s Cancer Research Fund is proud to award a grant of $10,000 to Momcology, a medical and social support community for mothers and primary caregivers of children diagnosed with cancer. The funding helps Momcology enhance the online experience for their community, develop healing and restorative retreats for moms and expand education and awareness of childhood cancer.

Momcology currently serves thousands of families around the world, connecting moms whose children share diagnoses and treatment protocols. Members of Momcology support groups are able to discuss treatment side effects, outcomes and personal experiences in a safe and compassionate environment.

“This grant helps boost our ability to provide much-needed support to the many families affected by pediatric cancer,” said Kim Buff, Momcology president and founder. “Momcology was created with one end in mind: to take away the isolation and loneliness a mother feels while caring for a very ill child.  We’re quickly growing into a worldwide connection hub for mothers to meet, support and find strength in one another during the daily ups and downs of our individual journeys. Our goal is to help heal the enormous emotional impact of a pediatric cancer diagnosis on the entire family.”

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for children in the United States, and more than 40,000 kids undergo treatment for cancer each year.

“Momcology was started by moms and caregivers who know the challenges of pediatric cancer first-hand and like no one else ever could,” said John Hallberg, chief executive officer, Children’s Cancer Research Fund. “The connections and support they provide are powerful and unique, and we’re honored to help them expand their reach and help more families.”

According to Karim Sadak, MD, MPH, MSE, a pediatric oncologist and director of the Childhood Cancer Survivor Program at the University of Minnesota who has worked with Momcology, “This is a much needed resource. It’s wonderful that mothers and parents have a way to connect with each other and bond over their shared experiences.”

About Momcology

Momcology is a non-profit organization providing medical and social support community for mothers and primary caregivers of children diagnosed with cancer. Momcology connects caretakers through a unique technology-based platform and links oncology parents by diagnosis, region, and cross diagnosis specialty groups. The Momcology community includes over 35 national support groups to meet the needs of members and supports families in all stages of a pediatric cancer diagnosis. Momcology also provides regional respite retreats for mothers of children with cancer. For more information, visit