Building Up Leukemia Patients’ Immune Systems

Brooklyn - leukemia patient

We want to create less toxic, more effective treatments for kids with leukemia. Here’s one of the many ways supporters like you are helping fund leukemia research:

“If we did not have philanthropic support, especially from Children’s Cancer Research Fund, this research wouldn’t have been able to go forward.”Heather Stefanski, MD, PhD

Certain types of leukemia treatments include stem cell transplants. A stem cell transplant replaces immature blood-forming cells in the bone marrow that have been destroyed by drugs, radiation or disease. They are injected into the patient and make healthy blood cells.

After stem cell transplant, children don’t yet have an immune system. Because their immune systems are knocked down, children could die of diseases like the common cold.

How your donations help:

Heather Stefanski, MD, PhD, is doing research focused on using cells called thymic progenitors to improve children’s immune function after transplant.