What We Fund

With only 4 percent of federal cancer funding dedicated to childhood cancer, your support of Children’s Cancer Research Fund is crucial to finding safer, more effective therapies for kids battling cancer. Please donate now.

Here is how we use your donations to advance childhood cancer research, services and awareness.

We fund innovative and promising research.

Launching New Ideas

We give seed grants for innovative research projects that hold great promise but don’t yet qualify for federal or larger funding. Without this support, many brilliant ideas wouldn’t move forward. Read about the latest research advancements.

Filling Funding Gaps

Gaps in research funding slow down or halt potentially lifesaving projects. We fill these funding gaps so we can bring better treatments to kids more quickly.

Your dollar could be the dollar that uncovers a cure. Every $1 donated helps researchers secure $18 of additional funding from the government and other sources.

Turning Clinical Trials into Standard Treatments

Clinical trials are critical to providing kids with options when they’ve exhausted the existing treatment protocols. These trials also test novel treatments that lead to new and improved therapies for kids with cancer everywhere.

Fostering Collaboration

We collaborate with leading researchers who stay keenly attuned to the ever-changing landscape of cancer research. The research we fund is shared with more than 9,000 experts around the globe, helping accelerate promising discoveries.

Training the Next Generation of Researchers

Fewer doctors are choosing a career in hematology/oncology, so we’re helping attract and train researchers by funding emerging scientists and fellowships that build experience and expertise. For more than 35 years, we’ve funded over 90 fellows who are working around the world to create safer, more effective treatments for kids.

Taking Care of Survivors

There are more childhood cancer survivors than ever before, but many of those children suffer from late effects of cancer treatment including infertility, hearing loss, brain damage, vision loss, heart problems and more. We fund research that works to understand these effects and care for children beyond their diagnosis and treatment.

We enhance healing and care for families.

Childhood cancer affects the whole family, so we provide funding for quality of life services to enhance healing and care.


We educate the world about childhood cancer.

On average, every dollar we award for research creates an additional $18 secured in federal or other grants. Just one dollar could be THE dollar that changes everything for a family affected by cancer, so it’s more important than ever that we spread the word about childhood cancer and raise awareness. Please donate to Children’s Cancer Research fund now.

We also foster education between researchers by supporting collaborative conferences and lectureships.

Research Updates