CCRF Funds 9 New Research Projects

This September, your generosity, advocacy and awareness-building made a mighty big difference. This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, CCRF awarded nine new research projects at different institutions across the country. This brings CCRF’s total to over $94 million in research grants nationwide.

These 9 new research projects aim to:

Cancer is a mighty big problem to solve, but we’ve got incredibly bright, dedicated people on our side in this fight. But without you, many of these research projects may never have received the funding they needed to move forward. Your generosity gives these researchers the resources they need to explore new ideas and uncover safer, more effective treatments and cures for childhood cancer.

Your Support Makes Discoveries Possible

Your support helps researchers tackle childhood cancer by exploring big ideas with great potential. Every $1 donated helps researchers secure $18 in additional funding to make groundbreaking discoveries. 

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