You Wrote The Next Chapter


Only 4 percent of federal cancer research funding goes to childhood cancer, and you didn’t let that discourage you. You decided to do something about it this year.

And because of that you’re:

• Helping scientists see a clearer picture of deadly bone cancers, so they will be able to identify children at high-risk and monitor them more closely. That could save lives.

Helping create the next generation of leukemia therapy. Researchers will be able to engineer special immune cells to create less toxic side effects, and they’ll learn if they can detect ALL in newborns and increase their chances of survival.

• Giving kids who have no options left a chance to heal with integrative therapies – a gift that many parents will never take for granted.

Filling funding gaps for important tests that can’t be billed to insurance, but are necessary to save a child’s life.

We can change the story. And this past year, you wrote the next chapter.

We know you’re not finished fighting childhood cancer with us, and we’re grateful to have you by our side.