5 Things to Write In A Card

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This blog post is from our new guide Beyond “I’m Sorry”: Supporting a Family Facing Cancer. Download it today to get more great tips on how to care for a family in the best way possible.

You’ve picked out a great card for someone you know who is facing cancer. You have your pen in hand, but what to write? You don’t want to write the wrong thing, but you want them to know you care.

Here are some phrases to help you start:

Dear [name],

  1. “I am so sorry for the struggle you are going through, and I think of you often.”
  2. “I wish I could take this pain away for you.”
  3. “I truly admire your strength and resilience.”
  4. “I wish every good thing for you and your family, and I will be thinking (or praying for) of you as you go through this.”
  5. “I am sorry you are going through this— this sucks.”

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Beyond "I'm Sorry": Supporting a Family Facing Cancer