Gifts for a Child Battling Cancer

If you know a child battling cancer, you may want to show you care with a gift. It might be hard to know what the child would enjoy most, or what they can even use while they aren’t feeling well or are stuck in a hospital bed. If you’re looking to brighten a child’s day with a gift, here are a few suggestions and words of advice.

  • Gift cards. You may think a child would find a gift card to be a boring present – however, this can actually be a great distraction. You’re giving the child a chance to do some online shopping and pick out whatever they want, then look forward to the new items being delivered. Pick a retailer where there’s lots to choose from, like Amazon or Target.
  • Socks or slippers. Bright or funny socks or slippers can keep the child’s feet warm while they walk up and down the halls or leave their room for testing. The sillier the better – these can be a great conversation starter with nurses, doctors or other visitors!
  • Pajamas or other cozy clothes. If the child is spending most of their time in bed, they’re probably wearing their most comfortable clothes all the time. A soft sweatshirt or comfy sweatpants would be a welcome gift for a child who has likely worn all of their comfiest clothing items dozens of times.
  • Games or activities. Games like Bananagrams, Mancala or memory/matching games are great for school age kids, and puzzles or activity books are great ways to pass the time, either independently or with visitors.

Source: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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