Riding to Give Back

In his three years of participating in Great Cycle Challenge USA (GCC), Jeff Freitag has ridden 970 miles — that’s more than three times across his home state of Wisconsin. He plans to add another 500 miles to his already impressive total during Great Cycle Challenge this June. Riding this many miles is no easy feat, but Jeff says the kids’ stories keep him pedaling. We asked him a few questions about why he rides, how he includes family and friends in his mission and how he stays motivated.

Why do you participate in the Great Cycle Challenge every year?

My mom, dad, aunt and I are all cancer survivors. The diagnosis, surgeries and subsequent treatments are things I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Riding also allows me an opportunity to give back, which I believe is everyone’s responsibility. If you’re able to, you should.

What fundraising tips do you have for other riders?
If you are passionate about GCC and the possibility it brings for kids, don’t worry about sending out too many updates or reminders. The more your mission is in front of your circle of supporters, the closer you will get to your fundraising goal.

How do you motivate yourself to keep riding?
I’m pretty competitive, so that helps motivate me. Last year I was trying to be the number one rider in Wisconsin. Of course, seeing updates about the kids whom this event helps is a huge motivator. The time and effort it takes me to reach my goals is a small price to pay compared to what these kids are handling. On the days I don’t feel like riding, all I need to do is remember that these kids are fighting the good fight!

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