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We have the privilege of telling the incredible stories of the children, families and researchers we meet every day. You can find these stories on social media, in our newsletters, emails and more. They are key to funding research.


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There are many different ways to share your story, and our family engagement coordinator can work with you to find what you’re most comfortable with.

Instagram takeover

Send us five photos with captions that best represent your child’s story so far, and we’ll share them on our Instagram @ChildrensCancer every day for a week.

Blog post

We will interview you for a blog post about your cancer journey – or ask you to write your own on a topic close to your heart. Check out examples here.

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As an ambassador, you’ll help us share your story as a part of fundraising events and ongoing campaigns that raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research.

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We understand how important it is for childhood cancer families to understand how their stories will be featured. We respect your privacy and will not share your story or any photos until after we’ve contacted you and received your permission.

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Our Family Engagement Coordinator

Lisa Allie

Lisa Allie lives in San Jose, CA (Bay Area) with her husband, Steve, and their two sons. They were first introduced to CCRF when riding with their team in Great Cycle Challenge since 2018, in support of their son, Joseph, who was diagnosed with ALL in 2016 right before his 13th birthday. After relapsing twice, he underwent CAR-T immunotherapy and a stem cell transplant, with his older brother, Andrew, as his donor.

Lisa is incredibly grateful to be part of CCRF and is passionate about helping other families navigate these challenging life-changing events, especially those with teens and young adults like Joe. She is also a strong advocate for mental health support, as well as research for treatment with fewer long-term effects.

Messages from those who have shared with us


Sharing my story with others reminds me how fortunate I am with my system of support and the chance of life I have each day. I’m grateful that there are people that still care and are interested in what I have to say about my experience and what lessons I’ve learned. Though I don’t have an IV or a feeding tube attached to me, people are still willing validate my past trials and support me in the present. I definitely don’t like dwelling too much on the past but I also must remember and recognize the reasons as to why I’m here and who I am today. Cancer by no means defines who I am but rather prompts me to seek and acknowledge opportunities in my life that I otherwise would have missed.

- Danny Valerius


It’s never easy rehearsing the cancer part of our lives. But we know Amaiyah’s story made an impact on other families going through this journey. Her testimony also raised funding to go towards children's cancer research. THIS is why we don’t mind rehearsing the dark side and sharing updates on her current progress. Her story will continue making a difference.

- McKnight Family


Sharing our story was not an option. We knew we wanted to share; the good, the bad, the ugly, the truth. Cancer does not discriminate, and we are just humans on this journey like so many others. Sharing our story is part of our processing and healing. Sharing our story, we pray, is an encouragement to others. Sharing our story has allowed us to connect with others all over the world, forming a support system, that would have never happened had we not been vulnerable enough to share. We are blessed by Sharing!

- Lewis Family