Raising Brooklyn

Brooklyn was just 2 years old when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. An aggressive treatment protocol meant she had to re-learn to crawl and walk, which robbed her of many moments as a “normal” toddler. Now, after 859 days, 5-year-old Brooklyn is finally finished with treatment. However, she still deals with the side effects of high-dose steroids, which impact her appetite, mood and energy levels. Brooklyn and her family know all too well that even when treatment is over, the consequences of cancer can still linger.

“It breaks my heart, but I hate to see her struggle with trying to compose herself both physically and emotionally when she’s on so many drugs and so many things to help cure her cancer,” said Michelle, Brooklyn’s mom.

Watch Michelle’s vlog about what it’s like to parent a 5-year-old cancer survivor still living with the late effects of treatment.