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Create Your Event. Raise Money. See Your Impact. 

Thousands of kids are fighting cancer right now – but your fundraiser could help make that fight easier. 

When you fundraise for Children’s Cancer Research Fund, you’re helping us support the brightest and boldest minds whose groundbreaking research is saving children’s lives. Your fundraiser can be whatever you want it to be, so make it unique to you! Whether you want to host a walk, hold a bake sale or join a race, we will equip you with all the tools you need to create and complete a successful fundraiser. 

Fundraising Ideas 

Get Active. Join us for a cycling challenge or a walk/run: Great Cycle Challenge and The Walk for Childhood Cancer Research 

Host a holiday get-togetherTurn a holiday get-together into a rally for childhood cancer awareness. Coming together for a common cause is what makes the holiday season extra special! 

Calling all streamersCCRF is on Tiltify, StreamLabs and Crowd Control, making fundraising on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live even easier to set up! With incentive-based features, on-screen alerts and overlays – your charity streams will be more engaging for you and your viewers.  

CelebrateDouble the meaning of your special day! If you have a birthday, anniversary or other special event coming up, use it as an opportunity to ask your family and friends to donate to fund childhood cancer research. You can do this by setting up a personal fundraisingpage!

Honor someoneCreate an Honor or Memorial page for someone you love. It's a way to share your loved ones’ story, while also giving your family and friends a chance to make a meaningful impact on childhood cancer. 

Create Your OwnWant to get creative? You can come up with your own fundraising idea that is completely tailored to your passions and interests! 

Fundraising Tips & Tricks 

Tell your story about why. Many fundraisers have a personal connection with childhood cancer. Share the story of why you chose to fundraise for Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Sharing your passion and motivation can make the difference when telling your story to your biggest supporters. Don’t have a personal connection? You can find lots of stories to inspire your community through CCRF’s website and Facebook posts 

Ask for a set amount. If you ask for $50 donations, you’re likely to achieve $50 donations as opposed to $5 or $10 donations. You can also consider asking for an amount tied to a challenge or meaningful statistic. For example, “Donate $100 for the 100-mile bike ride challenge I’m participating in” or ask supporters to donate $46 for the 46 children that will be diagnosed with cancer today in the U.S. 

Thank-yous matter. Remember to always thank your donors and those who share your story! Just as you are a part of CCRF’s team, make sure your donors know that they are an important part of your team. Send a hand-written thank you note, tag them in a Facebook thanks, shoot an email – however you decide to send thanks, send thanks! 

Have fun! Put the fun in FUNdraising! Think of fun ways to engage with your family and friends at an upcoming happy hour, dinner, game night or live stream while fundraising for your race. If you’re having fun, your supporters will want to join you in your efforts. 


Our community of (DIY) fundraisers have raised over $10 million through golf tournaments, art sales, soccer games and everything in between. Making a meaningful and lasting impact on childhood cancer research. Each of the fundraisers below started small with a person who asked their community to join them in the fight against childhood cancer. Some grew into traditions that have lasted years. Don’t be afraid to start small - you never know who your idea could inspire. 

Love for Lilah. As a cancer survivor herself, 8-year-old Lilah wanted to help kids like her. So, she decided to create a fundraising page and put her creative skills to use by selling her artwork. Lilah set a goal to raise $100 and was thrilled to double that, raising over $200 to support childhood cancer research. To make her fundraising go even further, her family covered the shipping costs to deliver her artwork so 100% of the proceeds would go to research.  

Rucking 26.2 miles for Nadine. After learning about his sister's cancer diagnosis, Ben Korab knew he wanted to make a difference. In the middle of December in Madison, WI, Ben embarked on his rucking journey where he walked with a 35-lbs weighted backpack for 26.2 miles. The inspiration for this fundraiser sparked from the idea that Nadine, her husband and kids are not alone in carrying the load. With the goal of raising $2,500, Ben and his team nearly doubled that number by raising $4,760 for the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund, which is part of Children’s Cancer Research Fund.  

A Party with a Purpose. Meg McElroy’s annual holiday party has been raising funds for CCRF since 2009 with over $126,000 raised in total! It all started as an “accidental fundraiser.” Meg wanted to host an annual party to keep college friends coming together and include new friends she made along the way. When the party outgrew her small NYC apartment, she decided to turn the event into a party with a purpose. Learning that childhood cancer research is vastly underfunded by the government, Meg knew she wanted to make a difference. Each year the fundraiser grew in number, beating previous year’s fundraising totals.  

We’re inspired every day by our community fundraisers and the innovative, fun and creative ideas they come up with. Wondering where to start? We’ll make sure you’re set up for fundraising success and be with you every step along the way cheering you on.  

For more information, contact Fundraise@ChildrensCancer.org

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