Mixbook helps childhood cancer families reflect on their journeys

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, treatment usually lasts months, even years. Childhood cancer families are so focused on getting through each moment, each tough day, that they lose track of everything they’ve been through and overcome. It can be hard to see the big picture when you’re busy taking one day at a time.  

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, Children’s Cancer Research Fund partnered with Mixbook to create the CCRF collection, special photo books to help childhood cancer families revisit their cancer experience and help survivors own their cancer stories.  

Mixbook is supporting better, safer treatments for kids fighting cancer by donating 5% of sales from the CCRF Collection through the end of 2021 to Children’s Cancer Research Fund. During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, Mixbook donated 100% of sales from the CCRF Collection. Plus, for the rest of 2021, a donation to CCRF will earn you a unique code for your own free Mixbook (just pay shipping).  

Hear from families affected by childhood cancer and how Mixbook helped them to reflect on their journey of resilience, courage and hope. 

Griffin’s Journey

Griffin was diagnosed with cancer years ago – a baseball-sized tumor in his pelvis that doctors confirmed was Ewing sarcoma. In 2015, he finally got the news that his tumor site was clean – but the anxiety for Griffin and his family didn’t end there. For a childhood cancer survivor to be considered “cured,” they must have no evidence of cancer for five years. Griffin recently hit that five-year mark – which caused a flood of emotions. Watch Griffin’s Mixbook video here.  

“Revisiting the pictures reminded me of what we had gone through. I think it’s going to give Griffin the opportunity to own his experience and tell his story.” – Jill, Griffin’s mom 

Wyatt’s Journey

Wyatt was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was just 5 years old. Treatment was long and difficult, and it often meant spending time away from his two brothers, who he considers his best friends. Today, he’s cancer-free, healthy and getting into all sorts of hijinks with his brothers. Watch Wyatt’s Mixbook video here.  

“It really did my heart so much good to make the Mixbook for Wyatt. It’s very interesting as he gets older to revisit those pictures and what different times mean to him now.” – Whitney, Wyatt’s mom 

Liam’s Journey  Liam - Cancer Survivor

Liam finished cancer treatment a few months early this year, thanks to new research that showed more chemotherapy wasn’t necessary. He’d been in treatment for three and a half years, missing school, missing hockey practice and missing too many happy childhood moments. Today, he’s done with treatment and feeling great in third grade! Watch Liam’s Mixbook video here.  

“He has gone through a lot and he’s such a strong kid. We’re grateful to have a photo book to kind of reflect on Liam’s cancer journey.” – Kristy, Liam’s mom 

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When you donate to Children’s Cancer Research Fund by December 31, 2021, you’ll receive a unique code for a free Mixbook (just pay shipping) to look back on your own special memories. We can’t thank you enough for supporting better, safer treatments for children fighting cancer.  

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