For cancer families: How to thank a doctor

Hospital room

From cancer screening to diagnosis and treatment, the journey of childhood cancer can be very difficult. By its very nature, the relationship between patient and physician can be deeply personal. Sometimes, the same doctor who gave your family the life-altering diagnosis is your child’s doctor throughout treatment, and may even be there to celebrate when treatment is finally over. A great way to express gratitude to a nurse or doctor for their time, professionalism and excellent care is to send them a small token of appreciation. Of course, your doctor does not expect anything more than a sincere “thank you” - but if you’re looking for a way to show them how much they’ve meant to your family, we’ve gathered a few ways that go above and beyond.  

Here are five ways to thank your doctor: 

  1. Post a positive review online. Spread the word about your amazing experience with your physician and care team by writing a review online. An easy way to do so is by simply searching your doctors name in Google and selecting a reliable and trusted physician rating website.  
  2. Make something yourself. A handmade gift such as a drawing or picture frame is an excellent way to show gratitude. 
  3. Pay it forward. Sometimes the best way you can say thank you is to amplify the good that comes out of one’s work. Ask your doctor for the name of their favorite charity or philanthropic cause and say thank you by making a gift in their name.  
  4. Express your thanks on social media. Use the power of social media to let your online community know how great your doctor is. On March 30 each year, National Doctors Day honors doctors for their dedication and contributions to society and the community. Join in on the celebration by creating a post and use #NationalDoctorsDay. 
  5. Send a small handwritten note. A simple note of appreciation, thanks and gratitude is a sweet gesture that can go a long way and will be far more cherished than an expensive gift. Write down a few lines on a card and slip it in the mailbox or take it with you at your next appointment. 


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