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Since 1999, KS95 has helped raise over $17.6 million for childhood cancer research. You can join KS95 by supporting CCRF.


KS95’s impact on childhood cancer

Disney+ brought Zach Sobiech’s story to the world with the movie “Clouds,” based on his rise to fame before dying of osteosarcoma in 2013. But the first people who helped spread Zach’s music and joy were at a local Minnesota radio station, KS95.

KS95 first debuted “Clouds” in 2012, and have since been huge supporters of the Zach Sobiech Osteoarcoma Fund, the fund Zach and his family started before he passed away to raise money for research. Soon, “Clouds” was being played not only on KS95, but on radio stations across the country. Zach passed away in May 2013, and in December, KS95, in partnership with Children’s Cancer Research Fund, hosted the first annual “Clouds Choir” for a Cause. They expected a few hundred people to join them at the Mall of America, but thousands turned out to sing Zach’s song and celebrate his legacy. KS95 has hosted a Clouds Choir event every December since 2013.

Even before “Clouds,” KS95 supported CCRF through the annual KS95 for Kids Radiothon. They helped childhood cancer families share their stories and rallied their audience to donate to childhood cancer research.

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