Dexter’s Bucket List

Dexter giving a thumbs up

My name is Dexter. Everyone calls me Dex. I am 10 years old, and I have terminal neuroblastoma. When we found out the cancer was back, I sat down with my friends and family, and we came up with a list of things I want to do before I die. My parents want to make a life time of memories, and my brother wants to do the things that we would have done together and I want to do as many things as I can. When we were coming up with the list, we talked about all the things I would like to do...and things beyond my wildest dreams. We didn't think we'd be able to do even some of the things. But people have been so generous! We're even going to NASA for my birthday! I don't get a chance at the things most everyone else does. I want to make whatever time I have left super fun. I don't just want to sit or lay around waiting to die.

Update: Dexter has been able to accomplish an unbelievable amount of things on his bucket list. He and his family are grateful for all of the shares and support to help him with his wishes. Dex has now been placed under hospice care. He will continue to do everything he can but his disease is progressing limiting what he is able to do. Thank you for keeping him and his family in your thoughts.

Check out Dexter’s Bucket List!

Swim with sharks!
Trip to Chicago – Lightsaber fight at night by the bean
Go see Nasa
Do a zero gravity experience in a plane
Go to Harry Potter World
Nascar ride along experience
Deep sea fishing/Scuba diving
See the fairy pools in Scotland
Be in a scary movie
Be a pokemon for a day
Go Hunting
Go to a cabin
Go to the Wisconsin Dells
Hug a Penguin, Kola Bear and Panda
Go to Ichiban – Food experience
Eat some weird foods (Specifically bugs like a scorpion)
Go to as many Museums as possible! At least five at Balboa Park
Learn new languages (Hawaiian)
Build his own computer
Learn Morse Code
Get his own playhouse outside to sleep in
Go to Four Corners
Throw a huge raging party!
Go Sky Diving, simulator
Be an extra in a film
Ride a camel
Spend the night in a Haunted house
Ride on the highest roller coaster in the country (Kingda Ka Roller Coaster) Superman, Magic Mountain 3rd highest
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go Skiing/Snowboarding
Go to the rainforest
Spend the night in a tree house
Have a large Star Wars Battle
Become a Meme/Internet Famous
Meet Oprah
Go flyboarding
Ride on an Elephant
See the Hollywood sign and take a photo with it
Watch baby sea turtles hatch
Visit all 50 states
Pay a strangers bill at a restaurant
Spend the night in a tepee
Visit Stonehenge
Break a Guinness book world record
Pet a Hedgehog
Be a mascot
Eat a 5 course meal
Meet Grumpy Cat
Fly in a private jet
Name a Star
Prepare a care package for someone in need
Send a message in a bottle
Name a pokemon
Rent out an entire hotel for the night and have a party
Ride on a motorcycle
Dress up as a different person for the whole day
Crash a wedding
Switch lives with someone for 24 hours
Learn to box
Run a restaurant for a day
Be a character in a game
Milk a Goat