Standing Up Against Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) is recognized every September by childhood cancer organizations around the world. The goal of CCAM is to increase awareness and raise funds for childhood cancer research.  This year, Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) raised awareness with the theme “it’s all of us against childhood cancer”. We’d like to highlight some of the fundraisers who raised money and awareness this CCAM.  

JSC Space Riders - Ride for a Cure

Jim Wisenbaler and the NASA JSC Space Riders hosted a motorcycle ride and BBQ to benefit CCRF. Over 60 individuals participated, and they raised over $660.  

Averi was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in July 2019. Despite being in remission, Averi’s fight is not over and to honor this fight, she continued her annual CCAM fundraiser and raised $1,300. 

Samantha and Neal Levin fundraised as part of their training and running of the Cape Cod Marathon. They exceeded their fundraising goal and raised a total of $2,200 for CCRF.  

The 4th Annual Patrick Fridland Memorial Osteosarcoma Open, hosted by Patrick’s parents Teresa and Jim, raised $39,304 for osteosarcoma research. The event honoring Patrick’s memory included a golf tournament, raffle basket giveaways and selling sunflower notecards designed by women who have had a loved one impacted by childhood cancer. Since 2019, over $112,000 has been raised in honor of Patrick.   

Cup of Coffee To Cure Cancer

To honor CCAM and to celebrate National Coffee Day on September 29th, Katherine Steineck hosted Cup of Coffee to Cure Cancer 2022She encouraged her community to ‘place their drink order’ by donating and donors were included in a drawing for a gift card to the coffee house of their choosing. She exceeded her fundraising goal and raised a total of $510.  

The annual Shots R Us golf tournament, hosted by a community of friends and colleagues raised over $16,000. Since the Shots R Us community first started their annual tournament, that have raised over $98,000 for CCRF.  

46 For the Kids

Since 2022, Ben Korab has been raising awareness and funds for CCRF in honor of his sister Nadine who is battling osteosarcoma. On September 17th, Ben ran 46 miles for the 46 children who are diagnosed with cancer every day in the United States. His goal was to generate hope for those running their own race to remission. Ben surpassed his fundraising goal, raising over $3,000.

On behalf of everyone at Children’s Cancer Research Fund, we would like to thank these incredible fundraisers for their support and dedication. Because of their amazing efforts, we are closer to a world without childhood cancer.   

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One of the best ways you can help a child with cancer is to start a fundraiser to raise money for cancer research. No fundraising idea is too big or too small to make a lasting impact in the life of a child with cancer.

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