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Above: Ella, cancer fighter

The Race Against Rare Leukemia

Meet Ella. She’s survived one dangerous transplant to treat a rare type of leukemia. The treatment brought her to the brink of death and back, and it still left her with only an 8-14% chance of living.

A new immunotherapy involving no chemotherapy, no life-threatening transplant, and likely a much lower risk of relapse is being developed for Ella and kids like her.

At the 2022 Forbes/SHOOK Top Advisors Summit, you’ll learn how your support will fund a clinical trial that will bring this lifesaving treatment to the children who need it most.

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Your donation will:

  • Provide a potentially lifesaving treatment avenue for families
  • Allow children and families to travel to receive treatment without the burden of expense
  • Add years of life for children facing the deadly disease
  • Contribute to personalized medicine in childhood cancer research
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Above: Dr. Soheil Meshinchi

Meet Dr. Meshinchi

He is the only researcher in the country who studies the type of high-risk leukemia that Ella has. He’s discovered a gene that is only found in leukemia cells, and it could be the perfect target for CAR-T cell therapy. He is ready to launch the clinical trial later this year and needs funding to ensure the first cohort of ten patients can enroll and receive this lifesaving treatment.


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