Heroes Making a Big Impact!

We Believe That Kids Can Make A Difference.

You have a chance to make a big impact in the lives of kids fighting cancer. You can support the amazing scientists looking for better, safer treatments to help children everywhere.

From coin wars to birthday parties, it’s easy to help raise money for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, all while having fun along the way!

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Put the FUN in Fundraising!

Every day, 43 kids in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer. That number is no fun. But the good news is, this is your chance to help change that. How? Start by picking a fundraiser from the list below!

Big Fundraisers, Bigger Prizes!

Because we believe that big time heroes should be generously rewarded, checkout what’s up for grabs as you hit these fundraising milestones.

Individual Fundraiser Rewards

Self-donation of $25: Score your activation kit, complete with a C.C. Bear (CCRF's super-cuddly mascot), butterfly temporary tattoos, and your very own fundraising guide.

Raise $100: Show who’s boss with a “captain” pin and t-shirt

Raise $250: You'll receive an awesome pair of scavenger hunt socks similar to ones that young cancer patients receive across the country on the Big Dreams Tour.

Raise $500: Keep your drinks extra cold/warm with an insulated tumbler.

Raise $750: Look cool with your new sport bag!

Raise $1,000: Your very own Alexa, an Amazon Echo Dot!

Raise $2,500: Rock out with your own Bluetooth speaker

Raise $5,000: Spark some friendly competition and make fitness fun with a Fitbit Ace!

Raise $10,000: Score your own personal robot – Cozmo. Cozmo refuses to sit tight and wait for fun. He's ready to play, and here to win.

Group or Classroom Fundraiser Rewards

Raise $250: A plush C.C. Bear for your group will be on his way with butterfly pins in tow.

Raise $500: Your group will stick together with matching CCRF butterfly magnets.

Raise $1,000: You and your friends will stay hydrated with your own mood cups that change colors.

Raise $5,000: You'll be rocking some cool scavenger hunt socks similar to ones that young cancer patients receive across the country on the Big Dreams Tour.

Raise $10,000: Your group can keep your drinks extra cool with a vacuum insulated tumbler.

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From Dinosaurs to Dogs, Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate.

Did you know some dinosaurs had cancer? Osteosarcoma, a kind of bone cancer, is so old that scientists have found it in dinosaur bones. Today’s treatments for kids with osteosarcoma aren’t quite that old, but many haven’t changed since the 1980s and they leave kids with lots of painful side effects. Children’s Cancer Research Fund supports scientists looking for better, safer treatments for kids fighting cancer – even cancers as old as the dinosaurs.

You know what else? Childhood cancer treatment can lead to other lasting health problems when kids grow up. That’s why it’s so important that we continue to raise funds to support superstar scientists!

Ready. Set. Fundraise!

Use the tools and resources below to help get your fundraiser started, then share it with your school or team, track your fundraising goal and show your appreciation!

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Looking For Ideas? Check out the Fundraising Stories Of These Heroic Kiddos!

Maddison, or Moo to her loved ones, was a second grader who passed away from a stage IV glioblastoma brain tumor in May 2017. In the seven months that Moo battled this monster, she demonstrated the strength of a superhero. Always joyful and clever, Maddison began dressing up in costume at the age of four and knocking on doors to trick or treat - regardless of the month. To honor her memory, her friends and family went trick or treating for donations in the month of May, raising over $13,000.
The class read The Fault of Our Stars, a story about a teenager with osteosarcoma, and “met” Zach Sobiech by listening to his music and watching videos on YouTube. The class even Skyped with Zach’s mom Laura Sobiech to learn about how cancer impacts families. Their experience moved them to create a fundraiser over lunch to raise money for the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund!
It takes a special person to give up their own birthday gifts to help someone else – but that’s just the kind of person 11-year-old London is. London decided to ask her family and friends to donate to her personal CCRF fundraiser page instead of birthday gifts. In just two weeks, London raised over $700 for childhood cancer research!

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